Why Worldwide

Choosing the right relocation company can be a challenging task with many variables to consider.  Unfortunately, during the search for a relocation company it is easy to get tangled up in the details of how many facilities a company has, ISO certifications, number of employees, claims ratios, survey results, and computer system capabilities, to name only a few.  When in reality, none of that matters if your employee in Munich, Rome, Doha, Tokyo, or anywhere else cannot get in touch with their relocation company and talk to a live person when they have a question.

Based on industry observation and feedback from corporate client professionals, we have listed just a few factors to consider when choosing a relocation company.

1) What role does your relocation company play in the relocation process?
2) How does your relocation company choose and manage their service providers?
3) Hidden Costs and Avoidable Charges.
4) What is a reasonable insurance cost to ship household goods?


1) What role does your relocation company play in the relocation process?

The reality is that all relocation companies use service providers to some extent.  This only makes sense as it would be impossible for any one company to provide all necessary relocation services everywhere in the world.
When you contract with a company to handle your corporate relocations, it is important to know who will be providing the move management and other services.  You also want to know what criteria they use for choosing service providers and what kind of communication can be expected throughout relocation process.

Worldwide is a move management company with an extraordinary network of prequalified service providers around the world.  From that network we solicit multiple bids and select our service providers based on the best value for that particular move.  Throughout the relocation process the transferee receives regular, real time updates via e-mail and phone so they know what’s expected of them and the progress of their relocation.  If a transferee has a question there is always someone available 24/7 to answer their questions.  Real people…no answering machines or recorded messages.


2) How does your relocation company choose and manage their service providers?

Many relocation companies choose their service provider network through competitive bids for long term discounted service contracts and an agreement to not compete.  While this type of agreement takes less work to manage it has the side effect of limiting a relocation companies options with regard to timing, routing and flexibility for special situations.

At Worldwide, we secure multiple quotes for each step of every relocation.  Our goal is to make sure our customers receive the best service possible at a competitive price.


3) Hidden Costs and Avoidable Charges?

A relocation coordinator can have a significant impact on the invoiced and hidden cost of a relocation.  Many charges can be avoided or minimized with proper planning and execution.  Some costs never show up on an invoice, but they are just as real as if they were.

SIT & Demurrage-  These are legitimate charges that can sometimes occur during transit; however, the transferee and the company for which he or she works gets little in exchange for them.  The vast majority of these charges can be avoided with proper planning and diligence on the part of the relocation coordinator.  At Worldwide, we have zero tolerance for SIT and demurrage charges.  If they do happen, you can be certain that we did everything possible to avoid them and would be happy to explain why they occurred.

Supplemental Billing-  Supplemental billings usually result from latent charges from vendors which are then passed on to the corporate client.  Unfortunately for the corporate client this results in considerable time and expense to validate and process these additional charges.  At Worldwide we are highly aware of this issue and make every effort to avoid supplemental billings, easing the administrative burden on our customers.  Sometimes this means we get paid a little later but our corporate clients appreciate the convenience and savings.

Shipment Delays-  When a household goods shipment is delayed temporary livening costs can stack up very quickly.  Not to mention the added stress it places on the transferee and their families.  That’s why we have a very aggressive approach to move management that puts us in close contact with our service providers to drive the process.   When our customers are sleeping and performing the tasks they were hire for one of our move managers is working behind the scenes to make sure we are doing everything possible to keep the move progressing to plan and deadlines are met.


4) Did you know that the claims experience of your relocation company can affect the cost of your employees insurance?

Insurance to cover household goods in transit or storage is very much like your personal auto insurance. The major factors driving cost are the valuation of the goods, the deductible and your relocation company’s claims experience. That’s right…if your relocation company has a lot of claims for loss or damage you could actually be paying for that bad experience. At Worldwide we are extremely proud of our low claims ratios. We work hard to seek and use only the best routing and movers to minimize the risk of damage or loss to our customer’s goods. It’s a simple fact that the best way to avoid a claim is to avoid loss or damage the first place. Secondly we avoid customers in industries that are inherently known for fraud and inflated claims. If however our customers do happen to have a claim we are their advocate to help them through the claims process.