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Real people answering the phone all day every day!

When you call Worldwide Relocation Specialists, any time—day or night, you’ll hear, “Worldwide Relocation Specialists, how can I help you?”  This is not an automated message or the lead-in to a voice mail; you will actually talk with a real person who is ready to answer your questions or to resolve your issue.

Why does this matter?

It is our job to make the relocation process as stress-free as possible.  We know that you and your transferring employees prefer to talk to a person and not a machine.  We know our customers and vendors would not be calling if it were not important to them…so it is important to us.

At Worldwide Relocation Specialists, Inc., international and domestic corporate relocations are our specialty.  Of course, once clients discover our keen attention to detail and timing, they realize that we are also an excellent choice for freight forwarding of general freight as well.

When moving people and their belongings, lost hours can turn into lost days and lost days can turn into lost weeks.  This ultimately leads to delays in your employee’s move and added expense in the form of temporary housing, storage in transit (SIT), and expediting charges for example.  As such, it is essential that both our clients and our service providers are able to get in touch with us whenever necessary.

If you or your employees prefer to listen to an automated answering service, talk to a voice mail system, or log on to the Internet to find out where your belongings are, we are probably not the company for you.  However, if you want personal attention and proactive service, please give us a call.