A Letter From the President

As a small business, you might think that we would be at a disadvantage when trying to compete against other, much larger relocation companies.  In some instances that may be true; however for things that really matter, we can run circles around the big guys.  Why?  Because we are more flexible, can move faster, and have a higher level of communication throughout our company.  For our customers, this translates to a level of personalized customer service of which large companies can only dream of.

You see, we don’t have a large sales force and marketing department to solicit new clients.  Instead we focus a much higher percentage of our attention and resources on our existing customers in the form of cost savings, personalized service, and minimal dependency on automated systems.  As a result, our top salespeople are actually our existing clients and the employees we have relocated.

We have a simple business philosophy that carries through everything we do–Make the process as easy and stress free as possible for our corporate clients and their employees.  There is not enough room in this letter to explain our procedures in detail but these are just some of the benefits that our clients enjoy:

  • When we receive a move authorization the transferee is typically contacted within hours and at most within twenty four hours of receipt.
  • Every time our customers call Worldwide, they talk to a live person no matter what time of day or day of the week they happen to call.  There are no automated answering systems or voice mail accounts.
  • Our customers enjoy great cost savings and optimal routing since every move is competitively bid.  For our clients, this means they get the best services at the best possible price.
  • Communication is critical.  Worldwide customers receive continuous e-mail and telephone communication from the time of the initial move authorization to the very last step of their relocation.  Nothing can match the peace of mind that comes with being informed with accurate real time information and knowing what to expect and when.  We believe that if a customer has to ask what is happening with his or her relocation, we have failed to communicate adequately.
  • We intentionally keep our move to coordinator ratio low and expect our coordinators not only to know their transferees’ names and pertinent information, but to be intimately familiar with the status of any relocation they have ownership of at the time.

If this sounds like the kind of service you would like to receive, give me a call at
(951) 676-1717.  Who knows?  You may become our next top salesperson.


Lisette Shire